7th August 2013

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hey guys

so, i’m totally going out of the country. for two years. during which time i won’t be getting on tumblr at all. i would love to be able to say that i have posts queue’d up for the two years, but i don’t, my queue’s stayed a pretty stagnant ~4 days ahead for quite a while. and this post is actually at the end of the queue; i haven’t been on for a few days already (i’m not actually gone yet, but i figured i should try to wean myself off to make the transition easier, if you’d like to send me a message i’ll check and respond, for another few days). i leave you all with my best wishes and the reassurance that i will, in fact, be back. if you ever miss me, just go follow space-man-spiffhobbitstale, and tragedyseries, if you haven’t already.


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7th August 2013

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6th August 2013

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Tagged: NotoriousPinataposseescapesjusticeThey filled their belly with the village's candy and nobody could stop themeven with her extensive training while blindfolded Justice was not prepared for the infamous gang's speed and agility400

6th August 2013

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6th August 2013

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i heard the funniest time travel joke tomorrow

5th August 2013

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5th August 2013

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It is 11:59 December 31st 1999

"PUSH" screams the doctor, and seconds later, the baby is born, but it is too late

It is now January 1st, and anguished cries echo from the delivery room

Their child is not a 90s kid

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5th August 2013

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why are people on this damn website so obsessed with tea it’s fuckin leaf water


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4th August 2013

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turn ons: free shipping

4th August 2013

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